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Straight College Guys

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Tyler 1

Tyler has quickly earned a reputation on campus by setting the house record for bench pressing. Today he jacks off in the living room, then it's off to the pool where an attempt to cool down just heats things up. After a short conversation, Tyler heads back to his bedroom and rubs one more out.

Aaron 1

Frisbee is popular at frathouses because it's such an easy game to play. But every once in a while, someone comes along who's a master like Aaron. Then its a little poolside pleasure for Aaron. Next comes a warm shower and masturbation. Fnally this straight college guy cums on his bed.

Micah 1

Micah is that quiet, shy guy that every Frathouse needs to balance out the rowdy guys, but he let does loose every so often. Micah sits out by the pool and feels like he's in the mood to jack off. Once he's done with that, he heads off to the showers and then back to his bedroom to blow a load.

Brett 1

Brett is everyone's buddy at the Frathouse and everyone wants him for a room mate. With his smile that makes you melt, he's a super nice straight college guy. Brett wakes up on the couch and finds himself in the mood to jack off. He takes a shower and his dick is still hard so he masturbates.

Kai 1

Kai is a corn-fed farm boy all grown up. His blond hair and blue eyes make you want to run naked with him among the amber waves of grain.Watching some porn while the other guys are out gets Kai in the mood to play with his dick. Then he heads to the shower to cool off but it just makes him hotter.

Gus 1

Gus is a Canadian hockey player and an around cool guy. He's also the quiet, cocky straight college guy on campus. Gus wakes with some morning wood that needs some attention. A quick shower lights the fire again, and he does one more round in the living room before the other guys get home.

Landon 1

We love water polo. The fun starts when the players come out of the pool. The shoulders, the legs, the butts, the dicks. Take a look at what Landon does when he gets out of the pool. Landon jumps out of the pool and enjoys how his speedo feels against his hard dick so he has to jack that big dick off.

Sam 1

Sam has the sexiest voice of any of the straight college guys at the frathouse and that big dick between his legs is pretty hot too. One of the first things Sam does when he wakes up is to jack off, and today is no exception. Next, we catch up with Sam after class for a slow steaming hot shower.

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